Founded in 2016, Overhaul is an innovative B2B supply chain business building a core platform that creates resilient global supply chains for its clients. Overhaul has built solutions for tracking, identifying, predicting, preventing, recovering, and insuring cargo risks by aggregating real time data into predictive and actionable analytics in a one-stop-shop. The company now operates across 170+ countries and counts 200+ enterprise clients, many of them household names/Fortune 100 companies. Their clientele include Microsoft, Arvato, BMS, Ceva and Dyson.

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James Ives

Using Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs), XOCEAN provides turnkey data collection services to surveyors, companies and agencies.

Aidan Corbett

Wayflyer provides fast and affordable funding to help grow e-commerce businesses, without any of the complications.

Phillip McGlade & Katie McGlade
Thérapie Clinics

Thérapie Clinics’ mission is to “empower everyone to become the best possible version of themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin” by democratizing access to high-quality care.