Scale Up

What is the Scale Up for Northern Ireland Programme?

Endeavor Ireland has launched a unique 5 month programme for ambitious entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland. Endeavor is about enabling homegrown entrepreneurs with high-impact potential to scale up and to ultimately provide a societal benefit to the island of Ireland. 

This programme comprises of ten one-on-one hour-long mentorships over the course of five months for each entrepreneur. By connecting scaling founders with high-calibre global and local mentors, we aim to provide a series of personalised and strategic mentorship calls that are tailored to guide the entrepreneurs through their specific challenges and opportunities.

Last year the Endeavor Scale Up Programme focused on Women Entrepreneurs, this year we are focused on all founders based in Northern Ireland.

2024 Northern Ireland Scale Up Cohort

Meet the five entrepreneurs selected to participate on this year's programme:

Humain - Digital Humans

Humain is a gaming company that creates characters for world leading AAA video game developers.


Scileads is a platform that enables sales and marketing teams to identify, engage and qualify their ideal prospects.


Responsible is a technology solution that allows upmarket fashion brands to buy back previously worn items from shoppers.


Axial3D is a leader in medical segmentation and 3D printing, provides hospitals and medical device manufacturers access to an easy to use, fast, affordable way to transform 2D medical image data into 3D.


Enzai is an artificial intelligence governance platform which allows companies to build and deploy AI with confidence and advises how to use it safely and responsibly.

2023 Women's Scale Up Cohort

Endeavor Ireland held a unique 5 month programme for women entrepreneurs. By connecting ambitious women with high-calibre global mentors, we provided a series of personalised and strategic mentorship calls that were tailored to guide the entrepreneurs through their specific challenges.


Axonista enable interactive video commerce and live selling for e-commerce sites including QVC helping them scale audiences, and increase sales.


Chupi designs timeless pieces to mark life’s most precious moments. Her award-winning jewellery is destined to become your future heirloom.


Inclusio combines technology, psychology and Artificial Intelligence to deliver a scientific, evidenced based approach to measuring Diversity and Inclusion, linked to business KPI's.


Orphan Drug Consulting is a team of industry-leading leaders and subject matter experts who provide consulting services to innovative pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to launch products into global markets.


Riley exists to improve women's lives, and they started with period care. Their mission is to create superior eco-friendly period care that is better for women’s bodies and better for the planet.

"Creating a village of support and supporters around high potential companies and their CEO's who in turn do the same for those that follow, is the essence of the powerful network effect that Endeavor creates and stewards"

Fiona Mullan
Chief People Officer of Bloom & Wild